Our Local Governing Body

As part of the Unity Schools Partnership the school is ultimately managed by the Board of Directors. Information about the trust governance can be found here. Responsibility for the school is delegated to the Local Governing Body listed below. Responsibility for key areas was previously handled by trust level committees within the old trust. The school is currently reviewing these arrangements as part of the Unity Schools Partnership.

Information about the Unity Schools Partnership Scheme of Delegation can be found on their website.  

A copy of our academy’s Supplementary Funding Agreement can be found here – Supplementary Funding Agreement. The Master Funding Agreement and other documents can be downlaoded from the Unity Schools Partnership website).

The staff and governors of the school work together to achieve the best for all of the children in our care.  Burton End Primary Academy school governors are a group of volunteers and members of the local community who give some of their time freely to the school.

As school governors, individually we have no powers but, collectively we make decisions on behalf of the school and the children.  We oversee the curriculum is delivered as government guidelines state;  we oversee the budget and ensure the school is maintained efficiently;  we decide how best to develop the school site and buildings and consider matters of 'Health and Safety'.  These are just some examples of what the governing body does.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor or would like more information,  please contact the Head Teacher or a member of the governing body. 

Current Governing Body Members - 2017-18


Date appointed

End Date

Attendance at LGB meetings 16/17



Sam Gallacher

4th September, 2017

3rd September, 2021

Not on the Governing Body in 16/17


Chair of LGB

Lead governor: Health & Safety, Finance


Tracy Ayris

16th November 2015 15th November 2019


1 of 4 full GB

Safeguarding visit - May 2017

Parent Lead governor: Safeguarding
Lucie Welch


1st May, 2017 30th Apri, 2021 2 of 2 full GB Staff


Alan Stinchcombe

16th November 2015

15th November 2019

4 of 4 full GB


Lead governor: Attendance, SMSC, Governor training, Achievement for All, 
Health & Safety


Karen Sheargold






Emma Maguire

1st December 2016 30th November 2020 2 of 3 full GB Parent

Lead governor: Literacy

Teaching, Learning, Curriculum and Data committee

James Gosden 1st November 2016 31st October 2020  3 of 3 full GB Community

Lead governor: Data tracking, Pupil Premium

Teaching, Learning, Curriculum and Data committee

 Rebecca Fahy  16th October 2017  16th October  2021    Community Trust Community Governor
Rosie Smithson 26th March 2018 26th Match 2022   Community SEND


A list of declared pecuniary interests can be found here – Pecuniary Interests



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