Vision, Values & Principles

We will develop articulate and thoughtful children - all children will be able to talk confidently about their own ideas and hopes for their future.

We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum - all children will leave Burton End with good memories of broad and balanced learning experiences, including music, computing, sports and art. 

We will have consistently high aspirations - children will leave Burton End being able to read, write and apply their mathematical knowledge at the national expectation of ‘Secondary ready’, with an increasing percentage each year, of children exceeding this expectation.

The Unity Schools Partnership Values underpin all that we do across the Partnership and here at Burton End. You will see the Values displayed around the school, taught in assemblies and discussed in lessons.  The Unity Values are


Is taking care of people and things that are ours. It is doing our duty for our family, school, community and country.


Is about being able to stay strong when things go wrong.


Is being brave when we are scared. It is being able to act when we fear we may fail.


Honours the good things that others and we do. It honours people and things of worth


Is making sure that we treat others and ourselves fairly.


Is about caring about others. It is about wanting to help those who are hurting.


Is knowing and wanting good things to happen. Hope is doing what we can to make good things happen.


Is being honest. It is being trustworthy. It is being true to yourself and your beliefs.


Burton End  PROUD principles link closely to the Unity values – the PROUD principles are the attributes we want children and adults to display in order to uphold the Unity values.


We wear our uniform with pride.
We speak appropriately, clearly and with confidence.
We take responsibility for our learning and our actions.


We try out new things.
We don’t give up.
We know making mistakes are an important part of learning.


We have a ‘can do’ attitude.
We are positive about our learning and our futures.
We seize opportunities and create our own.


We look after each other as an Academy family.
We show we care about others in our community through our actions.
We understand that we are all different and embrace diversity.


We know our targets and work our hardest to meet them.
We challenge ourselves and try our very best.
We have the highest aspirations for ourselves and others.
display in order to uphold the Unity values.




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