Our Curriculum

At Burton End Primary Academy our curriculum has been specifically designed to embed our PROUD principles: to build professionalism; resilience; optimism; understanding and drive. The PROUD curriculum encompasses both what the children learn in the classroom, and the opportunities and experiences they cover as part of their wider school encounters. As such, our personalised PROUD curriculum will raise standards, build character and inspire a love of learning.

In the classroom each class has daily English and Maths lessons to ensure all our children are learning basic skills and these are at the forefront of our studies. Our English curriculum is personalised to support cross-curricular links with our project areas. It is in its early stages of utilising Talk for Writing approaches and has since September 2016, developed reading through Accelerated Reader which targets engagement in reading and develops comprehension through regular quizzing. In maths, we follow the Maths Mastery curriculum.  The school uses Letters and Sounds as its main scheme to teach Phonics and its reading scheme is mostly based around Oxford Reading Tree, supplemented by Nelson Thorne's scheme.

The foundation subjects are structured around a termly performance project, which drives the learning. This means that the learning is purposeful and robust, specifically personalised to the end performance piece the children are working towards. We look forward to welcoming you to some of our performances!

The children’s language is French from year 3 upwards, however, we rotate languages termly in year groups below this, so that children have the opportunity to experience different languages and to learn about the wider world.

Music is also a key part of our curriculum and each year group learns a musical instrument through their music lessons.

The content that is taught in the foundation subjects is taken from the National Curriculum, as well as through conversation with our secondary colleagues within the Trust, to ensure we are preparing the key skills needed as the children move into secondary education.

By clicking on each year group below you can see the long-term curriculum map which shows the curriculum skills and content to be mastered that year. You will also be able to see the children on their learning journey, some of the performance projects they are taking part in and a few of the WOW moments they are experiencing. Additionally, at least one trip for each year group, which is matched to their curriculum. 

  Year 1 Curriculum

  Year 2 Curriculum

  Year 3 Curriculum

  Year 4 Curriculum

  Year 5 Curriculum

  Year 6 Curriculum



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