Information about Assemblies

Assemblies are very important at Burton End Primary Academy as they provide children and staff with a time of collective worship and reflection. They are also occasions on which traditional British values are covered implicitly.

Monday - Inclass reflection

Tuesday  – A whole Academy assembly which focuses either on a PROUD attribute, a SWAT value as specified above, a religious festival, a traditional event such as Remembrance Day or a talk from a visitor. Weekly attendance is highlighted through our ‘Attendance Race’ display and year 6 Team Captains announce the team point totals from the previous week. A song is included, usually from the Out Of the Ark Assembly Series, as is a prayer or time of reflection.

Wednesday – A hymn/singing practise for Key Stage 1 led by a music specialist playing the piano. An in-class assembly led by children in the class for those pupils in Key Stage 2.

Thursday – Each class presents an assembly once a term and the theme is usually linked to a topical religious festival, cultural event or the children’s recent learning. For example, a year 2 class might stage an assembly linked to their work on the Great Fire of London.

– Each Key Stage has its own Celebration Assembly where exemplary behaviour and learning is celebrated. A song and time of reflection is included. Constant links are made to our Conditions for Learning and Behaviour Policy and the PROUD Principles. 

Special Assemblies
• Harvest festival is celebrated each year – the past three years we have collected non-perishable goods for the local food bank, as well as collecting money for an oversees charity in 2015.
• Diwali has been celebrated in assembly on alternate years and annually in the Reception and Nursery classes.
• A special Christmas Assembly and Carol Service takes place in a local church – three different churches in the town have been visited over the last five years. 

• Chinese New Year has been celebrated in assembly on alternate years.
• An Easter Assembly takes place each year featuring both religious songs and songs about Spring time and new life.

Special Visitors

Children at Burton End enjoy listening to visitors leading assemblies. Over the year we have regular visits from ministers and vicars local to the town who lead assemblies, as well as assemblies led by adults and older children visiting from our partnership Secondary Academy or from the local community, such as the local Librarian and the NSPCC. 

When asking a new visitor to lead an Assembly we follow the advice given by the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education Inclusive School Improvement Service Suffolk - Visiting contributors to RE and Collective Worship Guidance for schools.




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