Published on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

 Petition For Traffic Calming

Please see below the letter from a parent of our school regarding attempts to improve the safety of your children when walking to and from school, as well as at other times, on Burton End Road. Both our school and St Felix are supporting this effort and, as you will see, more information and a petition will be available in school in the coming days.

Mr Beazeley

Hi, My name is Laura, some of you know me better as Oscar’s mum from class 2B. A few of you are also aware of my concern over speeding traffic and the narrow pavements on Burton End Road as well as the lack of safe

crossing near Cleves Road. I know many of you share my concerns and wish to see a change brought about before the likelihood of a tragic accident involving one of our children.

Even though I have contacted the local authorities to ask for such a change, there is unlikely to be one given that I am just one voice. It seems that people power is the only way to get them to listen and to act.

I am therefore asking you all to lend me your support by signing a petition that I have written calling on various measures, as discussed with many of you, which will ensure a safe walk for a number of children and parents who walk that way. Not just children from our school but those from the numerous other schools and nurseries that are in the surrounding area.

The petition will be on display in the schools reception over the next few weeks as well as during the upcoming parents evening. Please take a few minutes of your time to read and sign it.

If we pull together, we will be heard and we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support

Laura McShane

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