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We hope you have been having fun in the snow.  Here are some ideas to keep you busy whilst you are at home.

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Busy Bees - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018

Hello Busy Bees If you are bored then why not be busy and do some things from the list below:

1. Wrap up warm and write your times tables in the snow. Try your 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 x tables.

2. Practise writing number names, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Why not put some flour on a tray and write the words in the flour.

3. Bake with an adult. Make sure you measure accurately and enjoy the results!

4. Snuggle up and read your favourite book then draw a character from the book.

5. Make your Mum/Nan a card to give to her on Sunday.


Nursery - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018

Hello Nursery, we all hope you are enjoying your snow days and are having lots of fun playing in the snow.  Here are some exciting activities to do with all the snow we have.⛄❄⛄❄

Snowy Sensory Bin


When freezing temperatures make it too cold to go out, bring the snow inside to play!
A snowy sensory bin (filled with real snow) will keep the kids entertained for ages!


Snow Painting


This a brilliant way to use paints, with no mess inside. You can use food colouring as an alternative. Have a try at writing you name or drawing a picture.


 Build a Snowman.


 or Make Snow Angels


Make sure you take lots of photos, you can upload these onto Tapestry.
We can share these when we return to school next week.


Reception - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018



We would love to know what you have been doing in the snow. Can you draw a picture and then use your phonic knowledge to write some words or a sentence to describe your picture.  If you are finding it tricky then you could sound out the words and an adult could write them for you. Bring your picture into school next week and we will share them with the class.

Why not read a snow story. Share the story with an adult or an older brother or sister. At the end or the story see if you can remember and describe what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story. Can you talk about the characters and your favourite part of the story?

Learn a new song or rhyme about snow. Maybe look in a poetry book or on the internet for ideas. If you find a really good one you could share it with us in school next week.



Draw 20 snowballs (round circles) and then write a number on each one (1-20) Next cut out your snowballs, muddle them up and then see if you can line them up in the correct order. Maybe take a photo of your snowball number line and add it to Tapestry.


Fine Motor Control.

Can you make a snowflake from paper? Use your scissors to cut the folded paper into a beautiful snowflake. You can look on the internet if you are not sure how to make them.

Year 1 - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018

Hello Year 1 we hope you are having a great time in the snow? Please choose two options to complete.

In the moment learning:

Design and build a snowman. Measure it’s height in centimetres. Time how long it takes to build in snowman sections and add total time together. In minutes and seconds. Do you know how many second it took you? Remember 60 seconds in one minute).
What time did you start? What time did you finish?
Super hero learner challenge- how long did it take in total?
Bring in a photo of you and your snowman into school.

Design a dinosaur which would live well in cold conditions. Remember as a chicken is a dinosaurs closest relative, perhaps it could have feathers to keep warm. What might it eat? Who might it’s predators be? What does it prey on or is it a herbivore? How big is it? Think about camouflage colours or colours to frighten away predators.
Draw your dinosaur and label with information.

Victorian topic- research ‘children in Victorian work houses’.
How old were they when they started working in a work house?
What was it like for the children?
What jobs did they have to do?
Present your work in any way you like.
If you want to be super hero learner, perhaps write a diary in the role of a Victorian child in the work house. How would working there make you feel?

Science- materials.
Search your home for objects that come under these materials:
Fabric/ natural materials (wool etc)

Draw/ photograph and label what you have found. Maybe present findings in a table.
Superhero learner challenge- why do you think the material used is the best choice? Could the designer have used anything else?

Literacy- write a recount of one of your snow days. How did it feel when you found out you didn’t have to come to school? What did you do? Perhaps use a photo of you in the snow to help you remember what you did. Use your phonics to write sentences.
Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
Super hero challenge- use adjectives to describe the snow, feelings about being off and describing what you did.





YEAR 2 - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018

Hello Year 2 we hope you have all been enjoying the snow and keeping warm. We are looking forward to hearing what you have all been doing in the snow next week. As we are not in school again tomorrow, We have made a list of things you could do to share when we see each other next week.


You could make a diary about your time in the snow. You can present this in any way you would like to, whether it is in a video, pictures or a piece of writing.


Please don’t forget about Times Tables Rockstars if you are looking to keep warm inside. Your logins are in your learning logs and there are plenty of coins to be won! The race at the top of the leader board is getting exciting. I have also included some activity sheets to look over what we have been doing in class. Show off to your parents by using the empty number line or the column method!



Feel free to use this extra time to complete your work for our homework share on 26th March.

It is also World Book Day today so why don't you celebrate this at home! You could write your own book, draw characters from your favourite stories or write a book review which we can share on Monday.

Anything that you do at home in the next few days, you can bring it into school or ask your parents to email it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can share our days.



Year 3 - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018

Hello Year 3 we hope you all have been enjoying the snow the past couple of days and now we have another snow day.  Below are a few “Snow Day Activities” to keep you busy.


Can you estimate how long it would take you to do the following activities?
1. Build a snowman
2. Clear the path to your house of snow
3. Sledge down the nearest hill

Once you have estimated your times, go out and get someone to time you doing them. Take some pictures of you carrying out your activities.


Can you write all about your snow days. Describe how you felt, what it looked like and what you have been busy doing. Include similes, alteration and adjectives. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops!! Bring them in to school to so we can share them with the class and make a display.

Other fun activities:

Don’t forget about Times Table Rockstars.....We will be checking to see who has been busy practicing.

Also, now is the perfect time to be working on your Ancient Egypt project homework. Remember we require 1 written piece and 2 creative pieces. This is due in by Friday 23rd March.

Last of all don’t forget about our “Get Caught Reading” competition in conjunction with World Book Day. We are very much looking forward to seeing all your ‘extreme’ ways or places to read. You can send them to the Year 3 email address and we will print them out (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)





 Year 4 - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018

Hello Year 4 we hope you are all enjoying the weather and have been out to play. We would love to hear about some of the things you have been up to. We have written some suggestions of some different things you could do.

In Literacy we have started to read ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and in chapter 1 we learnt all about the main character Charlie Bucket.

Have a go at writing a page of a story which introduces a character. Remember to use lots of descriptive language. (You may want to write it about a snowman you have built).


Write a diary entry as ITZTLACOLIUHQUI, Aztec god of frost, ice, cold and winter. Think about why the god might have sent the snow?

We couldn’t forget maths so why not have a go at solving some snowman worded problems before you head back out to play?

1) The children on Icicle Road use pieces of coal for the eyes and mouths of their snowmen. Two pieces are needed for the eyes of a snowman and five pieces are needed for the mouth. If nine children build snowmen, how many pieces of coal will be needed?

2) Each snowman also needs a carrot nose! Carrots are sold in the shop for 56p each. Rupert pays with a £20 note. How much change will he get back if he buys a carrot for everyone?

3) Snowmen needs scarves to stay warm (or cool!) Each scarf measures 145cm. If the children put all the scarves together, how long will they all be?

Build a snowman outside. Measure how tall the snowman is. In cm. (Can you be precise by using decimals too?) How long did it take you to build? (In minutes and seconds). How much do you think it weighs?






Year 5 - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018


England is buried under feet of snow! You’ve been snowed in!! Write a story about being snowed in, how do you escape your house? What does your town look like? What do you get up to in the crazy snow? Try to be really descriptive using fronted adverbials and amazing adjectives!
Can you work out the volume of snow in you garden?! Measure your garden in metres (length and width) convert this into centimetres then multiply by the depth of the snow! (Length x width x depth). Could you try different locations too?
How would it change if we had 20cm of snow? 40cm? Or even a metre?

We hope you’ve all had a great time playing in the snow!  Here’s some activities to warm your brain up tomorrow and over the weekend.


Write a newspaper article with the headline: The Beast from the East!
This could be an article about the current weather that has disrupted the country, or you could create your own ‘Beast from the East’ that causes havoc in Haverhill.


Create a floorplan of your house and work out the area and perimeter of each room.
Challenge: Work out the area and perimeter using metric (metres & centimetres) and imperial (yards, feet and inches) units.

SATs Revision:

Click here for maths practice papers

Click here for emaths - KS2 SAT (new style) practice papers

In 2016, a new style paper was introduced for all Year 6 pupils to sit as part of the National Curriculum Exams in May. Pupils now take three papers; one arithmetic ...

Click here for reading revision



Year 6S - Home Learning - 1st / 2nd March 2018

We hope you are having an awesome time during this unusual break from school and making the most of the snow!

We have a few tasks for you, to save you getting too bored tomorrow and keep those brains lovely and active!


In the book you are currently reading, what would the main character make of the snow? Would they enjoy it? What would their opinion
of the snow be? Would they venture out in it? What activities would they do in the snow? If you are reading a non-ficition book, choose a character that you already know and love. No need to write it down, have a chat with a parent, sibling etc.
Obviously the cold weather is a good opportunity to snuggle up with a book, so a good 30/40 minutes reading would be amazing!


Describe a snowy scene near you. This can be the view from your window, the local park etc. Your description should include:
At least 2 similes
At least 2 metaphors
At least 5 interesting adjectives
Challenge: Include a sentence using personification.
These descriptions should be written and brought to school on Monday. Let your imaginations run wild! The description, 'White and snowy' is not allowed!


Produce 3 multi-step maths word problems, based on a snow theme e.g.

Mrs Sexton's garden is 6m long and 3m wide. The snow covering it is level and has a depth of 30cm. What is the volume of snow in Mrs Sexton's garden?

Problems should be written out and answered (showing all working out).





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